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The New Frontier of Sponsored Content

According to research from The Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. The average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds.

For a generation largely dominated by technology, keeping the attention of the general public is becoming more and more difficult. It’s become too easy to change the channel or click another link when a commercial pops on your screen, and when the average watch time per video is 2.7 minutes, every second counts.

For these reasons, we find ourselves in an era where traditional advertising, like print advertisements and commercialized content, is becoming a thing of the past. We’ve moved on to a newer form of personalized content marketing called sponsored content marketing.

Sponsored content marketing, is when a brand attaches itself to an event, program or celebration by supporting it socially and financially, which elevates its exposure to different demographics or audiences that would be interested in their product line. BAERING has implemented sponsored content marketing for several of our clients, but sponsored content marketing through our video department is a new frontier.

Traditional commercials aim to connect a brand with already established content or ideas. Let’s take McDonald’s Corp. for instance. Each time you see the “I’m loving it” slogan on a commercial, you relate the idea of tasty, fast food with McDonald’s products. In some cases, it leaves its intent to the speculation of the viewer.

Sponsored content flips that approach upside down. Sponsored content builds the content first and attaches its brand to the content later. It relies on attaching its name to a lifestyle, habit, or attitude by offering real-life examples. By contrast, display ads are for reminders or point-of-purchase decisions.

Think about Red Bull, a company that used to solely be known for its tonic water remedy to keep truckers and factory workers awake through the late 1990s. How did they become one of the globe’s most recognizable drinks? Sponsored content.

Red Bull sponsors countless events, spanning rap and EDM concerts, music festivals and extreme sporting events—and they capture it all on video. Last year, Red Bull’s YouTube channel even hit one billion views since its first video post in 2008. They’ve redefined content marketing by producing events that represent the edgy, daredevil lifestyle every young person wants, and therefore it represents a culture. It represents itself through its sponsored content, encouraging the consumer to answer the question: Is the Red Bull lifestyle right for you? At a brand value of $7.9 million with over 45 million Facebook fans, Red Bull continues to give a lot of people wings.

This growing trend is a prime example of how the realms of advertising, marketing and public relations are beginning to combine, and as a result new trends are evolving. We realize televising and providing organic content for consumers allows each company to attach themselves to a lifestyle—not just an idea. As a full-service communications firm, BAERING has the capability to expand our services beyond the status quo of standard sponsored content marketing.