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BAERING Launches Advertising Campaign For DDNC

Image of the DDNC ad campaign

“Getting To The Root Of Your Business” Campaign Aims To Connect Benefits Provider With Top Statewide Business Executives

BAERING has launched an integrated advertising campaign for Delta Dental of North Carolina (DDNC), a nonprofit dental benefits provider offering the largest dental network in North Carolina. The campaign, which includes digital, print and out-of-home executions, recently launched and will run through the end of 2017. It is intended to reach business executives and employers by emphasizing the value of DDNC’s services and differentiators, including its large dentist network backed by national operational support and its dedication to putting its residual earnings back to work into North Carolina communities.

The ad buy includes print and digital ads in the Triangle, Charlotte, Triad and Wilmington Business Journals; sponsorship ad placements with the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Care Ring of Charlotte, North Carolina and the Dash minor league baseball team of Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and a billboard display facing west at Interstate 40 Business and Liberty Street in Winston-Salem.

The campaign’s creative assets center on a core graphic element, a giant molar, to engage interest and build awareness of DDNC’s brand and value. The creative is intended to showcase DDNC as experts and trustworthy partners in a personal and caring manner.

For BAERING, the creation of this campaign was the first step in a long-term partnership with DDNC to educate businesses across the state of North Carolina on the importance of proper oral health and the enduring value of dental benefits. To accomplish this, BAERING’s brand practice developed creative with the tagline, “Getting to the Root of Your Business,” in order to connect DDNC with select employers in Charlotte, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham and surrounding communities.

“The ‘Root of Your Business’ campaign is eye-catching and engaging and is intended to convey the value, quality and vast network of providers that Delta Dental of North Carolina offers to businesses,” said Alfred Leach, president at BAERING.

“At Delta Dental of North Carolina, we work to educate employers on the significant value of providing dental benefits for employees and their families, from increased productivity and retention, to better overall health and wellness,” said Curt Ladig, president and CEO of Delta Dental of North Carolina. “From day one, BAERING has worked diligently to develop effective and creative strategies to communicate this message.”