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BAERING and Bright

The holiday season is a time for traditions. Here are BAERING we have our own holiday traditions which include, Christmas tree decorating contest, cookie exchange or our holiday potluck but I am certain that most of us enjoy our annual white elephant tradition the most.

For the last four years we have celebrated the end of each successful year with a holiday party at The Raleigh Times. We rent out the second-floor bar and rooftop deck for our employees and their significant others. We enjoy a wonderful buffet, spirits and each other’s company outside of the office. We then gather the group in a big circle, place all the wrapped gifts in the middle and each draw a number to see who is going to kick off our white elephant gift exchange. For those of you not familiar with the rules of a white elephant gift exchange, you can educate yourself here.

Some people are attracted by the large size of the gift, some by the beautiful wrapping, others by small boxes that usually contain gift cards. It doesn’t matter what lures you to the gift you choose, something entertaining will come of it. Over the years people have won toilet golf, Tupac t-shirts, cat portraits, inflatable dolls and more. This year, the coveted gift was a bar set (if you ask VP Erin) and Jamie walked away the big winner, with cold hard cash.

As fun and wonderful as the holiday season is, it is also can be a hectic time. We thought it would be a great idea to send our clients and friends of the firm, 60 seconds of peace. So, as a part of this joyous season, enjoy 60 seconds of uninterrupted winter splendor on us.