Blog: 0009


You will often hear us say here at BAERING that we are not just “IN” the community, but we are also “OF” the community. We wanted to put that motto to work at our first BAERING Give Back Day! The team made its way to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to spend the afternoon serving a network of more than 800 partner agencies in 34 counties across our great state of North Carolina. One of the largest food banks in the nation, this year alone, they have already distributed more than 40 million pounds of food to those in need.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the Food Bank staff who let us know how truly valuable the volunteers are to their organization and that our efforts today would ensure that nutritious food would reach individuals in our community that are living in food-insecure households. Last year they had 253,567 volunteer hours which is equivalent to 122 full-time employees.

After the welcome and volunteer instructions, the BAERING team was ready to get to work. As we arrived in the warehouse we were given the task of sorting through edible vs. non-edible white and red potatoes. We took our task seriously, but we made sure we had fun along the way. Let’s just say the warehouse must have one amazing Spotify play list because the whole volunteer group was jamming. The music was bumping, the piles with edible food bags were growing, and our team was on a mission to get this food in the hands of those who need it.

When our shift was over, the Food Bank shared that all of the volunteer teams combined had sorted through 7,000 pounds of produce; which is equivalent to 1,578 meals in just one afternoon!

To celebrate our team’s hard work, we headed to nearby Big Boss Brewing to reflect on how at BAERING we make sure that serving the community in which we live and work is one of our company’s top priorities.