Case Study 0001: Avista Pharma Solutions


When clients bring us their high-stakes challenges, we don’t flinch. That was the case when Avista Pharma Solutions — an investor-backed contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) — came to BAERING with three key needs: 1) strong brand message to unify three legacy businesses, 2) significant increase in brand awareness that would match increased capacity resulting from capital investment, 3) meet and surpass aggressive business-growth targets.

With more than 200,000 square feet of space and several hundred employees, company-wide employee engagement and a cohesive external brand were imperative to business success.

Working alongside the CEO and the executive leadership teams, we guided the company through its realignment — providing them with a brand position and go-to-market strategy that supported the company’s overall vision for growth.

Avista Pharma Solutions


Through a robust foundational strategy initiative, we developed a brand position and messaging framework around the company’s unique, customer-centric model. We used that to define and articulate Avista’s unique value proposition:

A more agile approach that helps them move products quickly and completely through the product development cycle, no matter where they enter the process.

Because when you’re competing with some of the biggest CDMOs in the world, being good at science is table stakes.


Picture this: Scientists in white lab coats, looking stern in goggles with gloved hands on test tubes and microscopes.

Seen it before? So had we.

Because Avista isn’t a typical pharmaceutical company, we knew we needed to design a visual brand that reflected their unique personality.

In the name of client-centricity, we built targeted messaging and visual elements focused on client success stories that feature the actual Avista employees involved in each featured project to show what success really looks like beyond the lab, as well as to showcase the importance of personal relationships.

Through digital and traditional print ads placed in highly targeted industry publications, we were able to draw and track visitors from the ads to our newly launched case study landing page — providing users with meaningful content while simultaneously measuring the success of our initiative.

Avista Pharma Solutions
Avista Pharma Solutions


One of Avista Pharma’s greatest assets is its people – but not just their scientific expertise. We created a case study strategy and campaign that goes one above simply showcasing their results from the lab — it also highlights the operational distinctions and business acumen that make them unique. We dovetailed the content strategy into the ad campaign by driving leads through a custom landing page and into Avista Pharma’s sales funnel.

Avista Pharma Solutions
Avista Pharma Solutions


An essential part of our job was helping Avista Pharma understand the necessity of being both in and of the pharmaceutical market. In an industry inundated with trade shows and other high-profile gatherings, we got Avista Pharma at the right events, at the right time, and in front of the right people. We also used these opportunities to advance our media relations and social media objectives of communicating Success Beyond Science.